In our increasingly fragmented and technology-driven society, I am searching for that classical, regional vision of America I grew up with – one I believe is best comprehensible through photography. Toward this end, I work to produce photographs that are unassailably objective, yet contain a sublime beauty, order, and harmony. The humble terrain and surroundings of central New York provide a rich, unmined territory for landscape photography: the backwater main streets, the rural vistas, the abandoned factories – all of them with a form and grace seeming to exist in an inverse relationship to their present day utility, as if entropy imparts an immunity from the more disturbing aspects of the modern world. By means of photography I will show these things; through the camera I will attempt to reveal and transform them.

In 2019 I purchased a full frame digital camera and am enjoying the immediate feedback it provides as well as the uncompromised image quality, but continue to shoot film as inspiration dictates. My medium format 6x6 negatives have been digitized using the Hasselblad Flextight X1; this machine provides exceptional scans that have allowed me to move outside the darkroom and make prints on either traditional silver based materials (Lambda) or archival inkjet prints with many options regarding print surfaces, sizing, and framing.

Please inquire regarding availability of prints.

Mark Minard

February, 2020

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