The photographs presented on this website represent the best of the work I’ve created over the past four decades. Much of my earlier work aligned with what has been traditionally known as "straight photography," which implies an objective rendering of a scene in a manner best served by the sharpness and detail that the camera affords, absent darkroom manipulation beyond simple dodging and burning. Unfortunately, it also provided cover for a certain dogmatism that afflicted some practitioners, one that wasn't particularly attractive and one that became even more futile with the advent of digital technology. In 2018, driven by a desire to photograph in color, I decided to move outside those boundaries and began using a digital camera for my creative work. The immediate feedback digital provides has been a revelation, and the uncompromised image quality speaks for itself. This feedback has lead me into other areas beyond color, most notably abstraction. Regardless of these labels, and irrespective of materials and processes, my work represents a search for form, order, and beauty expressed photographically, beyond which I seek to serve no narrative. My motives today remain the same as they were when I first picked up a camera with intent 40 years ago.

Mark Minard

October 2021

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